19th The Jolly Sailor Southsea - DLB5

20th The Jolly Sailor - DLB Solo


2nd The Jolly Sailor - DLB 5

3rd Rosies Vineyard - Jazz Quartet

6th Faustinos wine & tapas bar, Midhurst. - DLB3

8th Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo

9th The Foundry Chichester -DLB 5

10th Blue Lagoon - Jazz Quartet

14th Koop & Kraft Waterlooville Valentine Special - DLB Solo

28th Langstone Hotel - Jazz Quartet


1st  Private Corporate event. Alton. DLB Duo

2nd  Cobbsstarbar Guildford DLB Solo

3rd Blue Lagoon - Jazz Quartet

7th Kassia Portsmouth - DLB Solo

15th March Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo

16th Ship & Bell Private Function - DLB 4

17th The Jolly Sailor - DLB Solo

22nd The Stags Head Westbourne - DLB 5

24th Rosies Vineyard -Jazz Quartet

30th The Village Inn, Buriton - DLB Solo

31st Drift. Hayling Island - DLB Acoustic Solo


13th Porchester Community Centre Cider Fest- DLB 4

14th Blue Lagoon - Jazz Quartet

18th Koop+Kraft Waterlooville - DLB Solo

20 th The Foundry Chichester - DLB 5

27th/27th - 2 day  Private Corporate event. East Tistead -DLB Duo


3rd Koop & Kraft Waterlooville - DLB Solo

5th Blue Lagoon - Jazz Quartet

9th Southend Barns West Sussex Wedding -DLB 5

11th Private Function Summer Ball -DLB 5

16th Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo

17th Rosies Vineyard - Jazz Quartet

19th The Jolly Sailor, Southsea - DLB Solo

24th May Kassia Portsmouth DLB Solo

26th Rosies Vineyard - Jazz Quartet


1st Private Wedding Santorini - DLB 4

9th Blue Lagoon - Jazz Quartet

9th Horatio's Garden Salsisbury Hospital Spinal Unit- DLB Duo

14th Kassia Clanfield - DLB Solo

15th  Berefest  East Meon- DLB 5

21st Rosies Vineyard - Jazz Quartet

22nd The Foundry Chichester DLB5

28th Jolly Sailor, Southsea. - DLB 5

29th - Private Wedding Horndean. - DLB 5

30th - Rosies Vineyard - Jazz Quartet


4th- kassia Drayton DLB Solo

12th- The Jolly Sailor, Southsea -DLB 5

13th Kassia Clanfiled - DLB Solo

20th - The Jolly Sailor, Southsea -DLB 5

25th Private Wedding Hayling Island - DLB 4

26th - The Lifeboat, Hayling Island -DLB 5

27th The Farmer Inn, Catherington - DLB 5


2nd The Jolly Sailor, Southsea - DLB 5

3rd Private Wedding Basingstoke - DLB 7

10th Private Wedding Horsham DLB 10

15th kassia Drayton DLB Solo

17th The Foundry, Chichester - DLB 5

23rd Kassia Clanfield - DLB 5

30th Clipper Race Party Private -DLB 6

31st Private Party Havant -DLB6


6th Kassia Clanfield - DLB 5

7th Private Wedding Warnford DLB 5

12th  Kassia Drayton DLB Solo

13th Kassia Drayton DLB Solo

14th  Cobbsstarbar Guildford -DLB Solo

22nd The Jolly Sailor, Southsea - DLB Solo


3rd Kassia Drayton DLB Solo

5th Private Party Clanfield -DLB 4

11th Kassia Drayton -DLB Solo

13th The Blue Lagoon - Jazz Quartet

26th The Foundry, Chichester - DLB 5


2nd Private Party  Coastguard BarSouthsea - DLB 5

8th Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo

9th The Jolly Sailor, Southsea -  DLB 5

16th New Place Hotel Wedding - DLB 6

17th The Jolly Sailor, Southsea -DLB Solo

23rd  The Lifeboat, Hayling Island -DLB 5

28th Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo.

 29th Private party Gosport - DLB Duo

30th Private Party Churchillian - DLB 4


6th Koop + Kraft Waterlooville- DLB Solo

12th Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo

13th The Jolly Sailor - DLB 5

14th The Foundry Chichester- DLB 5

15th Rosies Vineyard - Jazz Quartet 

15th The Jolly Sailor - DLB Solo

24th The Farmer Inn Catherington -DLB 5

27th Kassia Drayton - DLB Solo

31st Kassia Clanfield - DLB Solo